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On the Cutting Edge of Collaboration

WARWICK CG is a global collaboration group founded in 2018 by doctoral candidates at the University of Warwick, Warwick Business School. We stand for collaboration and co-creation. We are experienced leaders and executives in diverse industries, cultures and geographies living across four continents. We harness cutting edge thinking, tools, and expertise to partner with and help organisations rethink what it means to evolve and grow by collaborating on research, education, training, products and services. We are all currently studying for a doctorate in business administration at Warwick Business School at the University of Warwick (UK). Contact us to learn more.



Perspective, Strategy and Action Research

If you are a business, your goals include creating consistent, profitable growth for your company and a return to your investors that is above what they could earn somewhere else at a similar risk. If you are not-for-profit, your goals include creating consistent and  quality impact to society such as education, health or social services. Warwick CG is passionate about collaborative thinking and doing. We aim to harness the latest research to improve business and society. We offer services which pull from our directors' and members' expertise to help businesses overcome whatever challenge they may be facing.



Co-creation and Collaboration

In parallel to Warwick CG offerings, we also hold conferences, workshops and networking throughout the year at different cities around the world centered around co-creation between DBA’s, partners and customers. We are exploring the cutting edge of putting research into action, providing opportunities to gain new knowledge and expanding professional networks. Our aim is to induce thought provoking discussions centered around driving change and impact and how DBA’s are making a practical contribution and changing the world.


Connect with Warwick CG

We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our services, events, or joining the community.

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