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Derek Hubbard


Derek Hubbard

DBA Research Question:

Erosion of Banks: How does disruptive technology impact incumbent banks?

Elegant Female


Disruptive Technology, Ambidexterity, Technological Debt, Modularisation, Platforms, Innovation, Incumbent Banks, Financial Crisis, Leadership, Exploit and Explore, FinTech, BigTech, AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Big Data, Greenfield Bank, Challenger Banks, DBA Cohort 1

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This paper focuses on the phenomenon facing the dominate banks within Financial Services. Financial Services incumbents are facing the real threat of disruption through the introduction of new technology advancements, significant investments into a new FinTech industry and the rise of technology giants all increasing the threat of erosion of the incumbent banks’ dominate position. This paper will discuss the challenges facing incumbent banks, research potential impacts and look at how these issues could be addressed.


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